buy cheap femara online “With social power comes social responsibility” – LADbible

Day two of Social Media Week London didn’t disappoint with an inspiring opening from LADBible co-founder Arian Kalantari who gave an insight to the publisher’s recent good-cause campaigning.

I always find it intriguing to meet founders of such successful brands, it’s easy to imagine them in their ivory towers! So, it was humbling to hear Arian recall the day the two Manchester-born school friends set up a Facebook page to simply share news with young people.

I have to admit I do have a biased view on northerners who have ‘done good’, but Arian’s genuine tale of the growth of the hit publisher, and the importance they place on making their audience heroes, gave LADbible such credibility.

Arian talked of how LADbible are using their social power for social good and raising important and thought-provoking subjects with their predominantly young audience. From mental health to environmental issues and substance safety, a crucial message is being shared with their mass audience, somewhat unexpectedly from a notoriously humorous brand. #TheNewFiver – Bank of England

When it came to launching a new fiver to the nation, Bank of England tackled this message as if it were a new brand. With a campaign visual identity and a library of platform specific content in their midst, Bank of England rolled out a 3-month launch campaign and the true power of social was seen.

Their own content performed well but more importantly the public embraced the message and a mass of content creators emerged. From publishers to the public, the new fiver got the nation talking and isn’t that the real test of a successful social media campaign?

Most notable in organic user-content was the #firstfiver campaign which saw people donating their first new fiver to good causes, and in turn driving huge positive sentiment around the campaign. And the award for the most thought-provoking talk of the day goes to…BBH!

Speaker Ben Shaw from BBH opened the session, titled ‘when did media kill social media’ by stating “this is a rant”, and he wasn’t wrong!

He may have been sharing his gripes, but the points he raised in his passionate tirade against the pitfalls we’re all falling in to daily left me thinking…wow, he’s right!

In a stark contrast to the advice shared by Buzzfeed in day 1, the core message was to stop thinking algorithm-first and get back to the basics…what content will resonate with the audience. If you get that right, the rest will come.

He rightly pointed out that there is a fundamental flaw in the test and learn approach – content that worked today isn’t guaranteed to work tomorrow. Social media is a young industry so any best practice may be only be months old.

The biggest mistake being made is creating content for the purpose of suiting an algorithm rather than being true to the brand, and then use paid media to cheat the metrics resulting in an empty measure of success.

BBH’s argument was that a piece of content that creates no impact and leaves no lasting impression could generate high reach through social media but what does that really do for the brand?

The keyword of the conference has been ‘attention’. Capturing attention is harder than ever as the volume of content continues to rise, and people’s attention span continues to decrease. Ben Shaw’s take on this: “in a world of attention, the cardinal sin is dullness.”

The light at the end of the tunnel…Pinterest

The sheer variety of debates and insights that have been shared at this conference is exactly why I love working in social media. Every day the industry changes and evolves with key players battling it out to be the most innovative. It’s exciting. But, the uphill battle in fighting for consumer attention can feel exhausting.

Then, with an air of calm, enters Pinterest!

Here’s a platform that isn’t consumed by noise. It’s all about relevant content, easily filtered by your interest at any given moment. It’s designed with user experience at the heart and led by the nature of users having a clear intent to buy.

Pinterest seems to be quietly in the corner driving exciting new ideas but remaining somewhat out of the limelight. So here are just some of the features to look out for: visual search, Lens, Pinterest Explore, Pin Collective and Pin Codes. Their annual report is coming out very soon too!