You think you’re confused…

As Social Media Week London 2017 drew to a close one thing was clear…we’re not clear at all! This isn’t a bad thing though…I promise!

There has never been a ‘one rule for all’ theory behind social media. As the industry matures there’s a tendency for platforms, publishers and marketers to want to provide a quick answer, a set of rules that all can abide by, to encourage people to adopt this form of marketing.

In my opinion that’s never going to work, and that’s OK.

Here are just some of the opposing views presented during this year’s Social Media Week… Be more human vs. introduce Chabot’s

go here Use data to plan your social content vs. don’t create content for algorithms, create content that’s true to your brand

Deploy short-form video vs. long-form still works

Cool new paid ad types vs. the advertising boycott is the biggest we’ve ever seen

Target your message via advertising vs. people hate ads it disrupts their feed

Shorter messages are best vs. don’t be dull, create compelling content

Brand awareness is at the top of the buying funnel vs. inspiration comes first

Test and learn vs. learnings wont still apply next month

You get the idea.

One thing that isn’t up for debate is the power of social media. The reach, relevance and innovation to hand, alongside a relentless reinvention of the wheel,  means social media will always provide new ways to deliver key messages to your consumer with impact.

Unfortunately, with a fast-paced evolving industry comes a need to keep up, but also an opportunity to communicate in new and exciting ways.